Trading Programs
Program NameDetails
The Delphinus Trading ProgramContact

Direct Assistance
Services1 year 3 year
Saturnus Market DirectAssist Program1 Crore INR*
($150,000 USD)
2.236 Crore INR*
($337,000 USD)
Portfolio Management Services for Mutual/Hedge/Investment Funds
Services1 year 3 year
Saturnus PMS100 Crore INR*
($1.5M USD)
223.6 Crore INR*
($33.7M USD)
  1. 1 Crore = 10 million INR
  2. Please remit Rs 7 Lac INR ($11,000 USD) before contacting me. This advance fee would be non-refundable, and it would be adjusted against any fee payable.
  3. *Fees is indicative and is subject to upward revision without notice
  4. For PMS inquiries, the overall market depth for Equities Market, worldwide, is more than 100 Trillion USD per day. What is your account size?

  1. The Fees indicated above is for one calender year unless or otherwise stated so.
  2. Only Annual Subscriptions are available.
  3. No bargaining, no negotiations, No discounts, whatsoever.
  4. Please allow 3 working days after making the payment, for processing the subscription request.
  5. 100 Mbps FTTH connectivity available for CUG, realtime conferencing. Charges to be borne by subscribers.
  6. No trials. Not suitable for retail/small traders/investors.
  7. In case you need to get in touch leave a message on my Linkedin/Facebook profile.