Sunday, February 28, 2016

Say You, Say Me

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  1. Most market makers are simply jobbing;
  2. Nifty continues to be weak below 7323; and
  3. Any good bounce could carry till 7429 but 7223 is a strong resistance;
  4. Nifty could peak out around mid week;
  5. Volatility might rise phenomenally in March 2016, followed by another downthurst;
  6. Can buy if Nifty slips below 6900 for doubling your account;
  7. Don Trumpet's ascension would be positive for India - for we have one of his newest apprentice at the helm here;

Tuesday, February 23, 2016


  1. Before forwarding a request for any subscriptions, please check the revised rates;
  2. Rates would be further revised around July 2016;
  3. Discounts are available for groups, corporate clients and Governments;
  4. All coaching programs are held on one to one basis;
  5. There is no fixed time period for learning any topic/study
  6. You could learn at your own pace
  7. DM me on Twitter for any further queries

Thanks for your kind interest

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Brotherhood of Man

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  1. There is no fundamental shift in the Economic Environment in last few weeks
  2. There's no perceptible shift in Market Sentiment
  3. Therefore, Nifty's fate hangs in balance;
  4. Above 7347, Nifty could test 7423, 7597, 7647, 7825;
  5. Below 7323 it is very weak; and
  6. Could go in a tail spin towards 6679, 6379, and beyond;
  7. Some Long Term/Institutional Participants have started booking their shorts;

Sunday, February 14, 2016

The Smoking Mirror

Please refer to the previous Weekly Post

  1. Markets look to The Union Budget 2016-17 for pacification;
  2. There is no sign of a reversal yet; and there's no trace of Institutional Support;
  3. Bias would be negative below 7323;
  4. 6773 followed by 6673 are strong supports;
  5. Sharp bounces could occur targeting 7123 and 7323;
  6. Possibility of a minor panic around midweek ;
  7. Investors are advised not to fish for a bottom;

Sunday, February 7, 2016

The Tonal of Nagual

To be read in conjunction with the previous post

  1. Nifty has a poor low at 7241;
  2. There is no sign of a reversal yet; Nifty is just trying to stay off the Oversold Zone
  3. Long Term/Institutional Participants are still Short;
  4. Apparently, Nifty is awaiting some kind of panic to bottom out;
  5. From this week till 1st Week of March 2016, Nifty may remain highly volatile and nervous;
  6. Between 7647 and 7347, Nifty has no bias;
  7. As long as it is between 7647 & 7347, better to day trade or avoid trading in Nifty altogether;