Sunday, October 30, 2016

Muhurat Trading for Diwali 2016 Samvat 2073

With The Name of God, The Most Merciful. The Most Beneficent,
And The Excellent Helper, And The Excellent Protector
  1. Nifty is likely to trade between 8664 - 8623;
  2. The bias is neutral to negative;
  3. Likely to forma Doji, please read comments for real time commentary

Next update on: Wednesday evening Nov/02/2016, Thank You.


  1. Looks like an Open Test Drive or Open Rjection Reverse. 8640 is the decider level.

  2. Liley to trade between 8628 and 8678 now.

  3. Becomes Normal Variation (Low so far 8617.20)

  4. Fantastic wrap up. Learnt a lot, thanks everyone for joining in. Happy Diwali once again.