Sunday, July 17, 2016

Wet Day in September

With The Name of God, The Most Merciful. The Most Beneficient,
And The Excellent Helper, And The Excellent Protector

  1. Mildly Negative to Neutral Bias for the coming week
  2. Weekly High is likely to arrive first
  3. Expecting a 200 point range, two-third of which should be covered by midweek;
  4. The Resistances are placed around 8623 - 8647;
  5. The Supports are placed around 8323 - 8347;
  6. Institutions are still buying for the long term, even at these levels;
  7. Trade what you see, be careful

  • Going on a sabbatical, for at least three months or may be more;
  • Check the new advisory fees structure, before bothering to look for me;
  • I don't read e-mails anymore, try to locate me on Social Media, if you feel lucky;
  • If I restart blogging, the format would be very different, if I do elect to, that is;
  • Until then bye and take lots of care, and don't forget to keep the fire burning.
  • Ciao