Sunday, August 11, 2013

Weekly Update: Intermediate Term Outlook

  1. CNX Nifty opened lower last week at 5682.4 (5869.95) made a lower high of 5721 (5886) , and made a lower low of 5486.85 (5649). It closed lower at 5565.65 (5677.9) for the week. The Candlestick shape is of a black continuation candle.
  2. The RSI(14) dropped to 41 from 44 last week. Remember it is being resisted at and around 70 level in both Weekly and Daily charts. Fast MACD has slipped below zero below it's signal line . The Short Term Slow Stochastics is below it's signal line dropping below 60. Momentum indicators are generally indicating Oversold Conditions. The ADX reading for the week has jumped to 15.80, taking support at 15 -- coming off from a high of 28 registered for the last week of Jan 2013.
  3. The Adjusted Volumes for this week were 5% ABOVE average. The OBV has slipped below it's signal line. The CMF continues below center-line around -0.05. While EMV indicates weakening of downtrend.
    1. The The Pars Fortunae (POF) for this week lies in 03Sc24 in the Anuradha Nakshatra Pada 1, the Nakshatra lord is Saturn, and Pada lord is Sun. The D9 position is 0Le37 and Nakshatra is Magha, the Nakshatra lord being Ketu. This Point is void of aspects in D1. This point is also void of aspects in D9. The lord of the First house, Mars in D1 is conjunct with Jupiter in Gemini in the Nakshatra of Punarvasu, corresponding with the 8th House. In D9, Mars is in 20Ta56 Rohini, Pada 4, in the Moon's Nakshatra. The Second House from POF is Sagittarius, and it's lord Jupiter is in Mercury's house in Gemini in the Nakshatra of Ardra; corresponding with 8th House. The 5th house from POF is Pisces, this house is affected by Moon and Venus' Drishti, and it's Lord Jupiter is in a Enemy's house in Gemini corresponding with the 8th house. The 10th House is empty corresponding with Leo, and it's Lord Sun is in Cancer, Ashlesha in Mercury's Navamsa. The Vimshottari Dasha calculated from POF, has Saturn Mahadasha with Saturn's Bhukti. Saturn is exalted in Libra - Swati in D1 and and in his own house in Capricorn - Shravana in D9. The Point of Speculation is at 18Pi35 quincunx with Rahu and conjunct with Uranus(Rx).
    2. In Rashi Chart, (D-1), Ascendent is in at 2Vi17 ,and in 20Cp35 in the Navamsa Chart (D-9). The lord of the first house in D-1 is Mercury which is in 11th house corresponding with Cancer - Pushya (Saturn), with Paap Argala from Saturn, and Rahu and Virodha Argala from Ketu, Jupiter, Mars, Moon and Venus, Venus being the most advanced. In Navamsa Chart (D-9), Mercury is in Libra, in the Vishakha Nakshatra, corresponding to the 10th house in D-9. The ascendent in Navamsa lies in Capricorn with Aquarius as second house, whose lord is Saturn, and he is in his own house in Capricorn. The 5th House is empty in D1 , corresponding with Sagittarius with Drishti from House Lord Jupiter, and has Mars at 20Ta56 Rohini in D9. The 10th house has Jupiter and Mars in Gemini. In Navamsa Chakra, Jupiter is in the 2nd house, whose ruler is Saturn. The 10th house in D9 have Mercury 22Li24 (Vishakha).
    3. Vimsottari System indicates Mahadasha of Mars with Jupiter's Bhukti. Let's examine the Mars' placement in various Varga Chakras. Mars is in 10th House of Karma (Work) in D-1 which corresponds with Gemini (Punarvasu), while in D-9 he is in 5th house of Suta corresponding with 20Ta56 (Rohini), and in D-4 he is in the 7th house that is Jaya (Partner) House, Corresponding with 12Pi38 U.Bhadrapada. In Hora Chakra, Mars is at 21Vi19 (Hasta), in an enemy's house Corresponding with 7th house of Jaya (Partenr). So Mars is not very well placed in various chart. Let's examine the Jupiter's placement in various Varga Chakras. Jupiter is in 10th House of Karma (Work) in D-1 which corresponds with Gemini (Ardra), while in D-9 he is in 2nd house of Dhana corresponding with Aquarius (P. Bhadrapada), and in D-4 he is in the 4th house that is Sukha (Happiness) House, Corresponding with 4Sg59 Moola. In Hora Chakra, Jupiter is at 2Vi29 (U.Phalguni), in an enemy's house Corresponding with 7th house of Jaya (Partenr). So Jupiter is not very well placed in various chart. Chitra Nakshatra is a mild, and harmonius Nakshatra.
    4. Chandra Lagna Since moon is in the first house, there is no need to look at the chakra from Chandra lagna.
    5. The Chaturthamsa Chart (D-4) has ascendent in Virgo 09Vi08 (U. Phalgini) with it's lord, Mercury in the second house, i.e., Libra (Swati). The lord of the second house Libra is Venus which is sitting in the first house and is debilitated. The 2nd house has Ketu, Mercury, and benefic Yama Ghantaka .It is under the Drishti of Powerful Saturn. As per the Vimshottari Dasha calculated using the D4 - it is Rahu's Mahadasha with Venus' Bhukti. Rahu is in Aries corresponding with 8th House, combust Sun in Ashwini.
    6. The Penumblar Lunar Eclipse occured on 25th May at 9:23:11 AM at 9Sc46. In Rashi Chakra, Neptune is Square with this point. In D4, Ketu Trines on Sunday, Transit Moon conjuncts this point on Thursday at 1 PM. In the Context of NSE, the coming week looks rangebound, with a mild positive bias resembling a formation of B Wave of Sub-Minuette Degree. Since this is again a short week, not much change in sentiment is expected barring a few announcements which are due regarding the Rupee stability issue.
  4. It's pointless to anticipate supports and resistances in a Corrective market, but expected trading range of Nifty Index is likely to be between 5721 and 5445.
  5. It is recommended that heavy long positions be accumulated below 5550, if nifty slips to that level, and light positions below 5621. As from Next week 19 Aug 2013 Nifty is expected to be bullish.
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